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Desmadre Orkesta is a really festive fanfare. Itinerant and eclectic, it takes you from the brasses of the Balkans, to Colombian cumbias, having first a little swing in New Orleans, and even one or two Milongas down in Buenos Aires.


Born in 2013 to be the musical support of the theatrical experience “Usted Está Aquí”, which held three years of continued success in Buenos Aires, and takes part actually in a second experience called “Rrom, un casamiento gitano (a gipsy wedding)” based on the Romani culture.


During 2018, Desmadre Orkesta travelled over 10.000 km and 6 countries in its first european tour, playing on festivals, venues and the streets. In May 2019 the band will be flying to London to record its second studio album, and set then the beginning of a new tour through Italy, Spain, France, Germany and Austria.

Consisting on six musicians with acting skills and the power of brasses, the band invites the audience to take their imagination on a surreal journey to a romani nomad fair, a gipsy wedding or a turkish celebration.


Rather on stage or in its trademark marching style mingling and playing with the audience, the Orkestra proposes the sweet sound of the accordion, along the strenght of the percussion and the euphonium’s depth, as a groovy beat for take off of the beatufil melodies, counterpoints and improvisations of soprano sax, trumpet and trombone.


This all results in a cheerfull, intense and energic set that will definitely make you move your body.

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